Instant Messenger

Keep in touch with everyone at work with our built in IM program. Create chat groups, view work notifications, see pending approvals all in one place.

Custom Processes & Forms

Go paperless and use the custom forms and customized processes function to optimize your workflow. Turn every approval process you currently have into a paperless one and recieve timely notifications when there is something that needs to be approved.


Sending daily reports and updates will be just like publishing a twitter feed. It supports text and images with customizable templates making it easy to view and read. Supervisors can comment and rate feeds to encourage employees, and our statistics page will give you a full view of everyones daily work.

Goals & Targets

Set daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals and targets for your employees. See how everyone is doing and their progress compared to their peers any time and anywhere. Promote healthy competition through leaderboard and weekly leaders list.

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