Streamline Your Sales Process
Get a full grasp on an employee’s work status and progress, fully managing each step of the sales and field work process, greatly increasing efficiencty.
Customers, Stores, Distributors Visualized
All your customers, stores and distributors are displayed and labled for you through various views. Plan out visit routes, set out tasks and view customer status, fully grasp the situation.
Mobilize Your Sales and Field Reps
Go paperless and allow all your processes to be done on the go. Manage your team and allow them to work right from their mobile devices.


Employee Attendance & Performance
Employees can punch in and out of work even on the road. Each employee’s perfomance is calulated, ranked, and visualized, greatly improving work efficiency and dilligence.
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Collaboration & Management
With daily feeds, reporting, built in IM and company contacts communicating has never been easier. Customizable approval processes allow will fit all your management needs.
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CRM & Customized Visits
Manage your customers, set customer status, plan visits, view customer location, plan routes, set visit tasks, schedule periodic visits, and much more.
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Product, Inventory & Orders
Manage your products, do store audits, submit sales orders, and manage promotions all using your mobile device.
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Reports & Data Analysis
Export reports and get analysis on almost every piece of data within the system helping you make more timely and informed decisions.
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